Tanya Paul Singh: Ahmed Khan's Protege Adnan Shaikh Told Me, 'I Will Pull Your Top'!

This man- Adnan Shaikh- has got a prestigious assignment of directing Sanjay Dutt and Bobby Deol in a Ahmed Khan-Prernaa Arora (Studio 5) film, tentatively titled Karim Lala. Tanya had gone on Twitter last evening to recount her horror with Adnaan on the sets of Baaghi 2. She spoke to SpotboyE.com EXCLUSIVELY soon after that. The 64 million-dollar question is: Will Dutt, Deol, Arora and Khan topple Adnan and get someone else in his place? As such, the film hasn't gone on floors yet.

Are you aware that Adnan has bagged his first independent project starring Sanjay and Bobby?

I don't know the details, but yes I have heard that he is directing some film for Ahmed Khan.

So what exactly happened on the sets of Ahmed Khan's Baaghi 2?

Adnan misbehaved with me in a in meeting. He stood behind me and tugged at my bra strap and even the hook. The meeting was supposed to decide the climax of the film. There were 7-8 people present in that meeting.


Well, I told him: What the f**k are you doing? He said: He was playing around!

You should have slapped him... 

He is a 6 ft 3 in tall, strong guy. Ahmed is a very decent man. The sad part is that he doesn't know what is going on right under his nose.

Adnan Saikh Spotted At A Party

Adnan Saikh Spotted At A Party

Adnan started insulting me on the sets. There came a point, where he was hardly present on the sets. I was doing virtually the entire work which the two of us were supposed to do together. He ridiculed my work-related inputs and laughed at them. I was spending 17-18 hours on the sets and he would ask me to run the set, but on the hand instruct the other Ads to not listen to me. He would constantly run me down. There was an underlying motive to it. He didn't get probably what he wanted.



You should have told Ahmed Khan...

I didn't tell Ahmed sir; Adnan is very close to him. However, I told the Executive Producer, Dipti. She said she will look into it. That happened on the last day. I was wearing a ribbed top and Adnan told me: I will pull your top. Frankly, I told Dipti that I didn't want to work on post-production--- but she took care of me thereafter.

Why didn't you tell Ahmed Khan?

I think Ahmed sir and Adnan are related to each other. I had worked with Ahmed sir in All Is Well, where he was the choreographer. That's how I got Baaghi 2 which he directed. Ahmed sir doesn't do too much, everything happens through Adnan (when Ahmed is at the helm). 

Anything else that happened?

There were incidents because I resisted him and his behaviour turned obnoxious.

Adnan Shaikh at a party

Go on...
If I was sitting in a skirt he would come and slap my thigh very hard. It was inappropriate but yet he would do it multiple times in a day. He would also ask me to give him massages. I refused, but other ADs then had to do it.

Ahmed Khan Spotted At An Event

Ahmed Khan Spotted At An Event

What sort of massages did he want?
On his neck and shoulders.

All said and done, Adnan's behaviour was weird, I kept telling him to back off and not cross the line, but he would not listen. As I said, thankfully, Dipti stepped in towards the end when I complained and took stock of the situation. But let me tell you that I still quit the film a month before the release.