Tanmay Bhat Wants to Be In PM Modi and Amit Shah’s Inner Circle

What if Tanmay Bhat had exclusive inside access to some of the biggest Indian personalities out there? What if he had access to Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan’s WhatsApp or was a part of PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s inner circle?

Find out!

Q: Was there a time when you misused the unlimited access you had to a place/concert?

Tanmay Bhat: Oh... I was in America where Coke is just like, you can fill all the Coca-cola you want into a glass, so I remember going through eight glasses. This was the first time I was in America, it was crazy, it was insane. I think I felt sick the next day. I had too much access!

Q: What would you do if you had inside access to Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account?

Tanmay Bhat: If I had inside access to Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account I would delete it. I would delete it immediately and I would be honest with everybody going, ‘I don’t actually want to be a politician, but I have to be’.

Q: Which would you prefer and why - Inside access to Salman’s kitchen or Ranveer’s wardrobe?

Tanmay Bhat: Inside access to Ranveer’s wardrobe because I think Ranveer’s wardrobe is all clothes that are extinct, what nobody else wears is in his wardrobe and I would love to see what is the stuff he wears what is the stuff he rejects.

Q: Who according to you has the most gossip: Miss Malini or Tanmay Bhat?

Tanmay Bhat: Oh Malini has the most gossip by far. I read Malini’s gossip and pass it on as my own gossip in my friends.

Q: Which comedians/Bollywood celebs do you stalk?

Tanmay Bhat: I stalk Alia’s instagram feed a lot because she’s always…she’s at a friend’s wedding right now and it seems to be fun. I stalk umm…that’s it Alia. I think it is boring to stalk celebrities because they all post the same nonsense. All of them are just lying…it’s all like I am going to do an Instagram live now, tell my fans how much I love them, even though all I really care about is the brand I am…I am gonna keep saying this until you get really annoyed.

Comedians…oh all comedians’ Instagram accounts…Kanan Gill’s Instagram account is hilarious, Rohan’s Instagram and Twitter is really funny, umm Kunal Kamra’s Twitter before he deleted it was hilarious so…comedians have a far interesting life than movie stars do.

Q: Whose Whatsapp profile would you want to get inside access to?

Tanmay Bhat: Whatsapp profile…oooh Shah Rukh Khan! I just want to see what kind of conversations he is having at his level with who.

Q: 5 people you would want in your inner circle?

Tanmay Bhat: 5 people you would want in your inner circle…? Okay first of all Modiji, okay then umm Mr Amit Shah and then Mr Arun Jaitley, that’s it. You don’t need anyone else. If you have these three in your inner circle you have the most powerful circle of people possibly in the world right now.

(Inside Access With Miss Malini Season 2 is all set to premiere on Vh1 India, This Sunday, 11th February, 8 PM onwards.)

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