Tanarati festival in Karnataka brings together devotees of various faiths

Kalaburgi, Karnataka, Feb 22 (ANI): Thousands of devotees from different parts of the world thronged the Nalwar village of Karnataka to participate in one of the most significant festivals of the village. Known as the Tanarti festival, this unique celebration of faith and devotion is celebrated in the Kalaburgi district of Karnataka which is attended by people regardless of their castes or religion. Celebrated on the eve of Avarathri Amavasya, this 200-year-old ritual is organised at the Kori Siddeshwara Math (religious institution) every year. Devotees from all over Karnataka and nearby states visit the math to offer their prayers to Kori Siddeshwara and pray for the fulfilment of their wishes. On the occasion, the Chief of the Math Dr Siddha Totendra Shivacharya Swami dressed in traditional attires and blessed the devotees. Devotees prepare lamps made of wheat flour known as Tanarti. On fulfilment of wishes, they carry Tanarti(s) on their heads and encircle the Math five times to thank the deity. The festival has been breaking all barriers of castes and religion and has been serving as a cynosure of communal and religious harmony. India celebrates a number of such festivals that bring together people of different faiths to embrace their own uniqueness and celebrate the spirit of togetherness and brotherhood.