TAMO RaceMo, India's first kit car: Got time and space? Build yourself a sportscar

Greeshma M
TAMO RaceMo, TAMO RaceMo India, TAMO RaceMo kit car, TAMO RaceMo sportscar

RaceMo is the India's first connected sportscar from Tata's sub-brand TAMO. The RaceMo was the head-turner at the 87th edition of Geneva Motor Show 2017 and the two-seater, Sports Coupe is expected to hit the Indian roads by the end of this year.

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The emerging reports suggest that the TAMO RaceMo is not only the first connected sports car from the Indian maker, but also set to become the first commercially available kit car.

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So what makes RaceMo a kit car?

TAMO RaceMo, TAMO RaceMo India, TAMO RaceMo kit car, TAMO RaceMo sportscar

The RaceMo is built on the new patented MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) platform. This system makes it easy to assemble the car from fewer larger modules rather a small number of modules. This will allow the carmaker to ship the components to its dealers or even to the customers, where they can assemble it all by themselves.

Guenter Butschek, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Motors, while speaking to AutocarIndia has also hinted at the possible workshop like setup for the upcoming RaceMo, which means that Tata's sports car will not be rolled out of manufacturing facilities. While it is still not clear whether the RaceMo will be shipped to the dealers as kit to assemble or to the customers directly, the publication quoting Guenter Butschek says that the dealers who are not ready to handle the extra work of kitting up the model will not get this car to sell.

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The RaceMo is India's first connected car, which will bring alive connected car features such as advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and over-the-air updates using Microsoft cloud-based technologies including advanced analytics, internet of thing (IoT) and machine learning powered by Microsoft Azure. At the heart of the TAMO RaceMo is a 1.2-litre Revotron turbocharged three-cylinder engine, which can churn out 190PS of power and 210Nm of torque.

Source: AutocarIndia

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