Tamil Nadu: Video of caste radicalist praising honor killing goes viral, no action so far

A video of a caste radicalist praising honor killing at a public event in Erode Tamil Nadu has gone viral on the Internet. The man has been identified Surya Moorthy, the Deputy Secretary of Kongunadu Makkal Desiya Katchi.

"I've heard that some are calling our men to be loud mouths. Koundan (caste names) men are those who give livelihood to 10 families. We come from a rich caste and of course we'll speak worse about these beggars (refers to low caste people)," he began his speech.


Surya Moorthy was also seen giving to lower caste men that if they want to come up in life they should work and earn money instead of taking a short cut and marrying a koundan woman.

He added an advisory for the Intelligence Service that Koundan clan is ready to be imprisoned for their ideologies.

"If we see that a lower caste man marries an upper caste Hindu woman we'll kill him and so his mother", shockingly yelled the radical leader speaking more like a mobster.

Surya Moorthy again boasted of having 1,500 Koundan youths ready in 12 districts for honor killing.

"If we come to know that a lower caste guy is in love with a girl of our community girl, we'll bring them down here and advise them to forget their love. If they don't obey, we will not hesitate to murder them," he said.

Moorthy went ahead to give details about a case study on how he kept a girl against her will and advised her to not love a lower caste guy.

"Even after our advise, she said that she doesn't need her family and will live with him only. I had no other choice but to tell her that if she ever wants her lover to be alive she needs to forget him or else I'll slice and throw him over a a bridge and with that I ended that love story," he said.

The Kongu belt in Tamil Nadu is known for cases of honor killing. So far no complaints have been filed against Moorthy for his hate speech.

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