Tamil Nadu Prepares for Stage Two of Coronavirus Outbreak With More Home Quarantines, Surveillance


Chennai: Tamil Nadu’s health secretary Beela Rajesh has said home quarantines in the state are expected to increase in the coming weeks as the state enters second stage in coronavirus transmission, referring to the fact that the disease has begun to spread locally.

Till now, the state has been focusing on separating the movement of travelers who had contracted the virus.

Tamil Nadu is creating containment zones where the state health department will hunker down on testing and preventing the spread of the disease, do “passive surveillance” to monitor the elderly and immuno-compromised people, the health secretary said.

The state has confirmed 41 COVID-19 positive cases so far.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Rajesh said, "We will execute containment plan tomorrow and form contain zone in positive case area. We will place 50 workers in the houses of positive cases and monitor the health of friends and relatives."

He added, "We will check surroundings of active and passive surveillance of the found positive case and highlight the zone. If found with fever, cough or any other symptoms, they will be brought to the isolation ward."

The health Secretary said the status of the coronavirus outbreak in the state as Stage II.

"We have entered the second state in COVID-19. To stop the community spread, we are going to implement these containment plan from tomorrow,"she added.

Tamil Nadu is tracking over 43,537 people and keeping them away from human contact in home quarantines in the state.