Tamil Nadu Global Tender For Covid-19 Vaccines Draws A Blank With No Takers

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In what is likely to be a further setback to Tamil Nadu's tardy Covid-19 vaccination campaign, the global tender floated by the state government drew a blank with no takers, The Times Of India reported.

On May 15, Tamil Nadu government had issued a global tender for 3.5 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

The last date for submission of tenders, floated by Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC) , was today. TNMSC will now decide whether to extend the submission date or relax the norms.

The government had sought a delivery schedule of 180 days progressively from the date of purchase order for 3.5 crore (35 million) vaccines for ₹2,00,00,000 (20 million).

The last date for submission of tenders, floated by Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (TNMSC) , was today.

"The vaccine should meet current requirements published by the WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardisation, or requirements of an established body of equivalent stature such as the US Pharmacopoeia, the British Pharmacopoeia, the French Pharmacopoeia, or the International Pharmacopoeia," tender document had stated.

The state also wanted a vaccine that can be stored in 2–8-degrees Celsius.

Serious concerns already being raised about Tamil Nadu’s poor performance overall in terms of vaccination coverage when compared to other States.

State Health Minister Vaccine M Subramaniam had flagged vaccine hesitancy a major challenge for Tamil Nadu government

On Thursday, the Union government rebuffed reports suggesting a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in Tamil Nadu and clarified that more than 1 crore vaccine doses have been supplied to the southern state.

"There have been some media reports suggesting a shortage of vaccines in Tamil Nadu. These reports are factually incorrect and without any basis."

"As on June 2, more than 1 crore doses of COVID vaccines have been distributed to Tamil Nadu, of which 93.3 lakhs doses have been consumed. Total 7.24 lakhs doses are currently available with the state," it added.

The Tamil Nadu government had also reached out to US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (Sr) to help ensure that at least 60 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines from the excess reserves in the US are shipped to at the earliest.

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