Tamil Nadu farmers threaten to agitate again over EPS govt's controversial report on suicide

The Edappadi Palanisamy government said most of the farmers didn't die due to drought but due to various other issues like illness, old age and so on.

The Edappadi Palanisamy government seems to be getting into more and more trouble with every passing day. The state government filed an affidavit in Supreme Court today replying to the notice on Tamil Nadu farmers suicide. The state government said most of the farmers didn't die due to drought but due to various other issues like illness, old age and so on.

This has shocked the state as the state government has sought relief from the Center citing drought problem in Tamil Nadu. The farmers, who just ended the agitation in Delhi following assurances that everything will be sorted out, are now agitated.

"So what was the compensation that Tamil Nadu government sought from the Center. This is a grave mistake that the CM has done. Tomorrow we will counter it with all the FIRS in the court. Farmers committed suicide due to drought. I am meeting TN CM soon. I will ask for convincing explanation. If he doesn't give, we will launch agitation once again in Tamil Nadu," Tamil Nadu farmers association president Ayyakannu said.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister had sought report from the district collectors on farmer suicides. They had submitted that 82 farmers had died of old age and prolonged illness. This has become a flash point in the state as opposition parties are hitting out at the lack of governance and CM not verifying reports by bureaucrats.

DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan said, "It is a shame that the government of Tamil Nadu has filed an affidavit that many died of age, but farmers died due to shock of barren lands. That has been seen as suicide. It can't be taken likely. He is further humiliating saying they have submitted the report of collector. Not sure if he is collector or dawali to the collector."

Tamil Manila Congress leader GK Vasan demanded the state government retract its statement.

"Very unfortunate that Tamil Nadu government has to file in such a way that farmers are insulted. In Tamil Nadu farmers are literally suffering because of lack of water and terrible drought situation. Unfortunately what the Tamil Nadu government did is not correct. They should change their stand," said Vasan.

The Tamil Nadu government has so far not reacted, but analysts say they should try to save their face on this issue close to the hearts of people.

Watch Video: Tamil Nadu government files counter-case on farmers' suicide in Supreme Court

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