Tamil Nadu elections: Vijayakant on election trail, Modi’s brother invokes Kalam

Janardhan Koushik
Actor-turned-politician Vijayakant returned to campaigning for elections after a long illness. (Twitter/Vijayakant)

Captain Vijayakanth on election trail

Actor-turned-politician Vijayakant returned to campaigning for elections after a long illness and several health-related issues. Wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and black coolers, Captain Vijayakant’s campaign kick-started in Villivakkam in Chennai around 6:30 pm. Before the arrival of Captain, the cadres and the public were entertained by a group of dancers who lip-synced to popular numbers of Vijayakanth and former chief minister MGR.

Sitting inside a van, Vijayakanth campaigned for Pattali Makkal Katchi's Central Chennai LS candidate Sam Paul who was standing in the same vehicle. "Vote for PMK leader Ramadoss' Mango symbol, Vote for Sam Paul," Captain said.

Due to his ill health, Captain's voice was hoarse and so he cut short his speech. He waved hands to the cadres and the public who gathered around in a large number to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor-politician. The cadres were quite disappointed as though they expected Vijayakant to deliver a longer speech. The scenes were quite similar to 2017 RK Nagar by-polls, where Vijayakant paid just a flying visit to the constituency.

Vijayakant at an election campaign in Chennai. (Twitter)

After Villivakkam, Vijayakant headed straight to Kolathur to support his party's North Chennai LS candidate Alagapuram R Mohanraj. Holding DMDK's 'Murasu' placard in his hands, Captain said: "Don't believe Stalin and vote for him. You elected him twice from this constituency, but there is no development in this area. Mohanraj is a good-hearted person, you should support him."

Nothing spectacular, but his fans were happy that they were able to see him in person, campaigning. It is certainly too late in the day to put in an appearance.

A 75-year-old man’s death becomes a political talking point

The death of a 75-year-old man who was active in canvassing votes for the BJP at Orathanadu town in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu has become a talking point, with Tamil Nadu BJP president Tamilisai Soundarajaran jumping into the fray.

According to reports published in local media, Govindarajan, a labourer and a hardcore BJP supporter was campaigning tirelessly for the BJP in Thanjavur district.

He went around wearing pictures of MGR, Jayalalithaa, and Modi on his shirt. He apparently got into a brawl with a truck driver when the driver asked him why he is campaigning for Modi and what he has done to him.

After the brawl with the truck driver, Govindarajan complained of chest pain and died enroute to the hospital. Based on the complaint by Govindarajan’s daughter, police officials have arrested the truck driver and said further investigation would be carried out.

After the brawl with the truck driver, Govindarajan complained of chest pain and died enroute to the hospital.

Expressing grief over the incident, Tamil Nadu BJP president Dr Tamilisai Soundarajaran tweeted, "Though Govindarajan didn't belong to BJP, he was inpidually seeking support for Narendra Modi in his locality out of personal fervour towards Narendra Modi and even wore a photo of Modiji on his shirt. His murder is shocking and those guilty must be brought to justice."

It has now become a minor electoral issue in the region.

Modi’s brother canvasses for BJP candidate in Tamil Nadu

Rameswaram residents were in for a surprise when Pankaj Modi, younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, canvassed for votes for the BJP candidate Nainar Nagendran in Ramanathapuram constituency.

Pankaj, who arrived in the town on Saturday, paid a visit to local temples and later met APJM Maraikayar, the elder brother of former President APJ Abdul Kalam and canvassed for the BJP candidate.

He visited some villages and interacted with women voters in the constituency. Pankaj even promised that all their issues would be sorted out and requested them to vote for Nainar Nagendran. Villagers were a happy lot to see another Modi in person.