Tamil Nadu cops stopped biker on BMW superbike just to click photos

It’s common for bikers who take on a long road trip getting stopped at police check-posts for document verification process or other things. But a YouTuber and biker was not stopped for these usual drills. The YouTuber was stopped for his adventure sport motorcycle.

The YouTuber got caught at a check-post in Tamil Nadu, when he was showing the part of the journey between Mumbai and Madurai. The video was shared by RideWithKC. In the video, on his personal YouTube channel shows a part of his journey during his road trip. The journey starts at Ooty, after sometime the YouTuber claimed that he came across of Police barricade, where the concerned officers asked him to stop for checking his documents.

The YouTuber and biker was on a BMW R1200 GS, which is an adventure sport motorcycle. As soon as the biker stopped, the cops surround him and ask him for the documents and start to ask questions.

Later, the biker realised that the officers were fascinated with his bike and wanted to click pictures with it. In the description of his video on YouTube, he alleged, “AFTER we left from there we were been stopped by Tamil Nadu police and were asked for papers and after all, formalities done they asked for a pic on my bike which I humbly not denied. It was nice talking with them they did not harass us and after that, we continued our ride and due to rains and storms we stopped at Pollachi and next day headed towards Rameshwaram."