Tamil Nadu: Coast Guard hovercraft damaged, patrolling along international border to take a hit

It will take two-three days to repair the damaged hovercraft.

A hovercraft, that belonged to the Coast Guard in Rameswaram, was damaged after it met with an accident during patrolling.

The incident took place near Olaikuda seashore area where the hovercraft reportedly hit a rock.

A hovercraft is a hybrid vessel that can travel on land and water. It is specifically used for patrolling along the international borders.

"It will take two to three days to repair the damages in the hovercraft. Experts from Visakhapatnam have to be present while the repair work is on," said Senthil, a leader of the fishing community in the region.

With the hovercraft out of action, patrolling will take a hit in the next few days. "Just three days ago, smuggling of drugs and red sandalwood were reported from the region," said Senthil.

An investigation into the incident is on and further details are awaited.