Tamil Nadu: Is the BJP trying to gain advantage of AIADMK crisis?

An eager BJP is watching and waiting from the shadows, hoping that this is the time to gain foothold in Tamil Nadu.

While the power struggle continues within the AIADMK, theories are afloat that the BJP is trying to gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu.

When Puratchi Thalaiva Amma died, Tamil Nadu was orphaned and even today, it stands left in the lurch. Edapadi K Palaniswami sits as Chief Minister but has not done justice to his chair. The people of Tamil Nadu still remain unconvinced of EPS' calibre.

An eager BJP is watching and waiting from the shadows, hoping that this is the time to gain foothold in Tamil Nadu.

Many may even find it to be a ploy of sorts. Just when Sasikala stakes claim to chief ministerialship, she was put behind bars. When Dinakaran starts gaining a base, he finds himself in the middle of a bribery scam himself and has to head to Delhi. There were Income Tax raids across residences and offices of his loyalists. Problems one after the other and Dinakaran and Sasikala find themselves sinking in quicksand. Dinakaran does not have a choice but to cooperate with the Delhi Crime Branch.

"I am willing to cooperate with the police and will join the probe," he said.

It was no secret that the BJP favoured OPS. Sasikala was not someone they could trust whereas OPS was always in good terms with PM Modi. He seemed the kind who wouldn't mind being pushed around to some extent.

"Look at how the IT raids played out but the Health Minister has not resigned. Suddenly, you see ministers shift camps. Names did pop up but no investigation. Probably if they shift camps the investigation will be forgotten. Dinakaran and Sasikala are completely cornered and OPS now emerges victorious. At one point of time there was no one with OPS. This seems like the ruling govt (BJP) plotting a conspiracy. You never know," said DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan.

However, both the EPS and OPS camps vehemently deny any kind of BJP pressure and involvement. It might be because it is directly going against the Centre and now might be not the time to do it. Especially when they have lost almost everything.

"These are minor party differences and there is no point bringing in an external factor. There is no third party influence involved. We will resolve our differences soon," said Thambi Durai, Deputy Lok Sabha Speaker and a senior leader of the AIADMK (Amma) faction.

Interestingly, parliamentarian and AIADMK (Puratchi Thalaivi Amma) leader V Maitreyen said, "The BJP is not involved in any way. These are theories floated by the people just to delay talks of merger".

This is a golden opportunity for the BJP who has been trying to get itself involved in the Dravidian politics for a while now. And they know that this is the ideal time.

But they maintain their poker face too. On being asked if there are any back channel talks happening between the AIADMK and BJP or if the BJP is the reason for the destabilisation of the current Tamil Nadu government, BJP state unit president Tamilisai Sundararajan replies, "We never stray from the right way of doing politics. These are all baseless allegations against us. It is the party that is fighting. You can't blame the BJP for everything".