Tamil actor accuses former AIADMK Minister of cheating her after a 5-year relationship

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Tamil actor accuses former AIADMK Minister of cheating her after a 5-year relationship

A Tamil actor has filed a complaint against a former Tamil Nadu minister, accusing him of cheating on her after being in a relationship with her for five years. Shantini Theva accused former AIADMK minister M Manikandan of promising to marry her and then abandoning her after she got pregnant. In the complaint, she has also accused him of forcing her to get an abortion and threatening her and her family. Manikandan has reportedly denied all allegations made and has claimed he did not know Shantini at all. 

Shantini lodged a formal complaint against Manikandan with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Against Women and Children in Chennai on Friday. She later addressed the media and released the complaint copy as well. In the complaint, she has said that she met Manikandan in 2017 when he was the Minister for Information Technology in Tamil Nadu and alleged that he expressed an interest to marry her while he was married to another woman. She has also said that they lived together in a house in Besant Nagar in Chennai and had evidence to support the same. 

In her complaint, Shantini has said that during the course of their relationship, she was pregnant thrice and Manikandan persuaded her to get an abortion each time with the assurance that they could have the baby once they are married. She also said that they travelled across the country several times together and he also duped her claiming that he plans to invest in Malaysia, where her family is based.

The complainant has also accused Manikandan of ending their relationship in April 2021 and forcing her to leave the country at the same time. She told the media that he threatened to upload her nude pictures online if she failed to oblige along with threatening her family. She has also accused a close aide of Manikandan of assisting him in physically assaulting her.

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