Taliban wants to "inflict psychological" pressure to end NATO war in Afghanisthan: Experts

Kabul, Sept 14 (ANI): Political analysts believe that the attack in the US Embassy and others around Kabul is an indication that the Taliban wants to "inflict a psychological damage," indirectly threatening NATO and its allies to end the war.

The insurgents used rocket-propelled grenades and sniper rifles to kill at least six people, including four Afghan policemen near a high-rise construction site near the embassy. Nineteen people were wounded.

"By itself, it's unimportant and doesn't reverse a pattern of gains at the tactical level," the Christian Science Monitor quoted Anthony Cordesman, a defense specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, as saying.

Analysts believe that the attack is important and troubling because it may signal a worrisome shift in the way the insurgency has decided to wage war against America and its NATO partners.

Andrew Exum, senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, who argues that Tuesday's attack should not be viewed as a commentary on the abilities of the Afghan security forces, who have kept relative peace in the capital since they took over responsibility for security there, he adds.

"The message they're sending here is very clear. If you can constantly create the image that you're active, that you're capable of carrying out large-scale attacks in areas where NATO is claiming security, you keep the pressure up to leave - to put an end to the war," Dr. Cordesman said.

The objective of these attacks is to inflict psychological, more than physical, damage," Dr. Exum added. (ANI)