Taliban rejects NATO's plan to train Afghan forces after 2014 pullout

Islamabad, May 23 (ANI): The Afghan Taliban has reportedly rejected the U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) decision that the mission of the combat forces in Afghanistan would come to an end within two years time, but some troops would stay behind to impart training to Afghan forces.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the coalition wanted to continue their operation in the name of training.

The militant group demanded that all combat troops should leave Afghanistan and let Afghans decide their future, The Daily Times reports.

"Afghanistan is a country having a nation and this status of it should be accepted instead of focusing on other issues," the report quoted Mujahid, as saying.

According to the report, Mujahid said what the meeting in Chicago communicated was withdrawal by 2014, something repeatedly said by the U.S. and NATO countries earlier.

He pointed out that violation of human rights by the U.S. in Afghanistan, killings of innocent people, poverty and other issues were not discussed. (ANI)