Taliban attack on northern Afghan city repulsed, vehicle bombing foiled

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Representative Image

Kunduz [Afghanistan], June 19 (ANI/Xinhua): Taliban attack on northern Afghan Kunduz city Saturday has been repulsed and the terrorists fled away after suffering casualties, army spokesman in the northern region captain Abdul Razaq said.

"Taliban rebels launched massive offensive on Kunduz city early Saturday but fled away after suffering casualties and leaving six bodies behind," Razaq told Xinhua.

The attacking terrorists were also attempting to explode an explosive-laden military vehicle next to a military base outside Kunduz city, but was identified and targeted by soldiers.

As a result, a few more terrorists inside the vehicle were killed, the official added.

However, five security personnel had been injured during the firefight which lasted for a couple of hours, he said.

The Taliban side has not made any comments. (ANI/Xinhua)

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