Taliban, Arab followers freely visited Osama in Pak hideout

Washington, May 15 (ANI): Taliban leaders and wealthy Arab supporters often visited Osama bin Laden without endangering their safety in Abbottabad, Pakistan, documents and computer files seized from his compound revealed. The Telegraph quoted an Afghan Taliban commander as saying that bin laden had direct contact with his followers. Western intelligence chiefs had earlier thought that bin Laden's contact with the outside world was conducted via messages on memory sticks, but recent revelations depict a different story altogether. The commander also said when he last saw the terror leader in Abbottabad two years ago, he seemed healthy and well briefed on recent developments, but concerned about his safety and money. He also said bin Laden had admitted that he had to continue meeting top aides because so many senior lieutenants had been captured or killed. "He said he had no choice but to be active and meet people, despite the security risks. He was meeting with other top al-Qaeda leaders who could get access to Abbottabad without endangering their safety," the Taliban leader said. The report is poised to focus attention yet again on how bin Laden managed to live apparently undetected by the Pakistani authorities for several years in a garrison town, less than a mile from the country's top military academy. (ANI)

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