TALAASH: Rani Mukherji won't disappoint audience

glamsham.com editorial
TALAASH: Rani Mukherji won't disappoint audience

By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

While it is understandable that TALAASH would have Aamir Khan taking the centre-stage, and rightly so, it is also expected that with Rani Mukherji coming in, there is a lot of weight that throws in as a performer as well. So what can audience expect from her presence in the film?

"Whatever audience may look forward in the film or my performance, one thing I can assure is that they won't be disappointed," says Rani, "Whenever I select a film, I always see to it that I never disappoint my fans. They have to be very happy with my work. Okay, so may be tomorrow they may not like something but at least at my end, I would always make sure that I give more than 100%. This is what I have done in TALAASH as well."

Now here is hoping that the results are indeed heartening once TALAASH releases all over this Friday.

Rani Mukherji won't disappoint audience in TALAASH

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