Taking Inspiration from PM’s Make In India Initiative, Home Grown Digital Transformation Company “Webisdom” Goes Global

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Despite a Pandemic New Delhi, 4th January 2021: COVID-19 has put the shutter on many businesses this year. In an environment where organizations have not been in a state to afford employees, a digital transformation company Webisdom has grown more than 2-3 times. Mr. Suraj Bajpai, CEO of Webisdom says, “We would like to thank Atmanirbhar Bharat policy of PM Narendra Modi, which inspired us and made it possible for us to extend our services in the United Kingdom market. While the policy created a conducive environment for local businesses to flourish, the pandemic highlighted the importance of digital adoption and kick-started a surge in digital transformation. For precisely these reasons, Webisdom, a digital transformation solutions company was able to capture business in the UK and grow even during the pandemic”.

The Make in India initiative was launched by Prime Minister in September 2014 as part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. Since then, his initiative has encouraged any companies to manufacture in India, opened up new sectors for foreign capital. The initiative has helped several businesses prosper and helped transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

Roderick Stuart, GM Webisdom, UK Operations said, “The pandemic accelerated the transition to a digital future. Organizations have been compelled to push aside organizational, cultural and operational barriers to develop better ways of working remotely. To keep pace with existing and emerging competitors, organizations needed to highlight areas where digitalization was possible and this required innovative and coordinated financing and technical support. Webisdom helped clients to quickly shift to digital channels and transform products and services to meet the changing demands of customers. Quality and affordability are what got us ahead of our competitors in the UK”.

Covid-19 has inadvertently ushered in the ‘digital era’. Across the globe, while businesses and individuals alike are just starting to realize this to adapt to this ‘New Reality”, companies like Webisdom are already empowering businesses to create safer, friendlier digital platforms and online experiences, becoming an inspiration for all.

About Webisdom Webisdom is a digital solutions company that helps clients to develop customized business models for the new age. They are a community of diligent experts of different spheres who work together to develop streamlined digital transformation solutions. They are specialists in digital strategies, user experience innovation, creative content development, web and mobile development, app designing, performance marketing. They disentangle node-based digital issues to repair and improve each node of a business, streamlining it to the entire business process. Webisdom has a global presence serving international clients in the Gulf, US, UK and Australia. Webisdom culture is client-oriented which ensures that they can deliver the right team having appropriate expertise to every client across the globe. Their work is founded on understanding clients’ institutional context, macroeconomic environment and various business nodes.