Taapsee Pannu Opens Up About Her Fight With Kangana Ranaut; Says 'It's Wrong To Bully Others'

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Ever since Kangana Ranaut called Taapsee Pannu a 'B-grade actress' in an interview, the war of words between the two actresses continues to hit the headlines. Recently, while speaking with India Today, Taapsee Pannu opened up about her spat with Kangana. The actress said that it is wrong to fight harassment and bullying by bullying other outsiders.

In the same interview, Taapsee also opened up about working with Kangana in the future.

Taapsee Pannu Calls Out Kangana

Talking about how Kangana has targeted other outsiders, the actress said, "I have been perplexed for the last few months seeing people calling me out when I have only nice things to say about her and others. You can have your opinion, I can have mine. My opinion not matching yours doesn't make me wrong."

Taapsee Pannu Says Kangana Is Using Sushant's Death To Settle Some Personal Scores

She further added, "The hypocrisy was exposed when you yourself are fighting for outsiders and simultaneously pulling down other outsiders. Which side are you on? You are using this opportunity to settle some personal scores. You are fighting against harassment and bullying, but in the same breath how can you bully others. That's kind of wrong."

Taapsee Pannu Says She Has Faced Discrimination In The Industry But She Refuses To Be Bitter About It

The Thappad actress told India Today that while outsiders are discriminated against, she refused to be bitter about it and said, "We have been discriminated against by the people in the industry, by the media and by the audience too. It takes us years and years to get that opening figure that a star kid gets in the beginning. We are all in this ecosystem together. We all are responsible for this."

Taapsee Pannu Opens Up About Working With Kangana In The Future

The actress mentioned that she was told that Kangana was approached for Saand Ki Aankh. However, the Queen actress rejected the film saying that why did they need another actress when she was doing it, and asked the makers to make it about one person. Taapsee revealed that the director wasn't okay with changing the script. Taapsee added that she had, in the past, shared screen space with some brilliant co-stars and she is positive that things would only get better.

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