T. Rex, Mermaid & Woman in Headscarf are Among the 69 New Emojis

Emoji lovers, rejoice! For those who have a tough time expressing themselves in words, here’s some good news. Smartphone users will now have a set of 69 new emojis to add more emotions to your bland text conversations.

Unicode, the non-profit organisation behind standardising text in software, released the final list of emojis for 2017 on Monday. The 69 new emojis include gender variants such as breastfeeding woman, woman with headscarf, and steak. The new emojis also include gender-neutral people, broccoli, mermaids/merman, a Tyrannosaurus rex and a cricket with incredibly strong, beautiful legs. Well, can’t say we’re not excited.

Here’re 69 new emojis that Unicode has released.

Now get emoting.

69 new emojis. (Photo Courtesy: Emojipedia)

These emojis, reportedly created by emojipedia, might look different across various phones, operating systems and applications.

The update is expected to roll out on 30 June and should be accessible on most smartphones.