Syrian Woman Collects Nearly 1,500 Dog-related Items for World Record

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The woman owns two beautiful dogs-- a mini Pomeranian and black German Shepherd.

A Syrian woman has won the Guinness World Records title for largest collection of dog-related items.

Regarding her collection, Mary Elias said the first two dog statues she had were gifts from a friend of hers.

The first— a ceramic grey hunting dog— of her collection of 1,496 dog-related items was one she bought in 1992 in Baku, Azerbaijan, according to Guinness World Records.

She has two beautiful dogs, mini Pomeranian and black German shepherd.

“I love all dogs of different breeds in general, but my favorite ones are German shepherd and golden retriever," Mary said, explaining that “dogs are great pets, who fill our lives with joy, happiness and comfort nevertheless the unconditional love.”

What started as a hobby soon became a passion and “ultimately an addiction.”

Mary joked that it was easy for her husband to buy her gifts since he knows what makes her very happy.

Mary’s unique collection consists of statues, pillows, keychains, mugs and jewellery besides dog-shaped items such as a mini vacuum cleaner, tape dispenser, measurement tape and pencil sharpeners.

Speaking about her Guinness World Records title record, Mary said: "It is a great achievement, when I think that out of seven billion people living on earth, I am the number one for the largest collection of dog-related items.

"I get such a great feeling that I cannot even explain."