Sylvester Stallone’s dog inspired him to write ‘Rocky’

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Sylvester Stallone’s dog inspired him to write ‘Rocky’

Los Angeles, Apr 1 (PTI) In a sweet tribute to his dog Butkus, action star Sylvester Stallone has said that his pet inspired him to write the iconic film “Rocky”.

The 70-year-old actor took to social to gush about Butkus, who helped him to write the 1976 movie, which propelled him into the entertainment industry.

“1971… Since we’re on the subject of ‘man’s best friend’ this is myself and Butkus as a puppy, we were both, thin, hungry and living in a flophouse above a subway stop, I used to say this apartment had.

“Hot and cold running roaches’ anyway there was not much to do except spend time with each other and that’s where I started to learn the craft of screenwriting. Since I never went out, I relied on his companionship , And actually it was his idea to write Rocky, but don’t tell anyone… (sic),” Stallone wrote alongside a picture of him holding his pet.

The actor said he was forced to sell the Bull Mastiff for USD 40 to help him survive, although he later bought back his beloved friend for USD 15,000 following the success of his sport action film.

“Years later when things got even worse I had to sell him for USD 40 in front of a 7-Eleven store, because I couldn’t afford food, then like A modern day miracle, the screenplay for Rocky sold, and I could buy and buy him back, but the new owner knew I was desperate, and charged me USD 15,000 … He was worth every penny! #New York City #HellsKitchen #BullMastiff #It’sADogsWorld. #MoreToCome#inspiration #ThunderingYourHeart #GoingThedistance (sic).” The “Creed” star thanked his “best friend for enduring the hardship of being totally broke with him when he was in his 20s.

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