Sydney FC reject accusations of hijacking Western Sydney Wanderers themed domain name

A canny Sky Blues individual has engaged in a devious but expensive ploy to irritate Wanderers fans

Sydney FC has denied purchasing a Western Sydney Wanderers-themed domain after being accused in a bizarre Facebook exchange.

Newcastle-based digital company Sticks used the social media platform to accuse the Sky Blues of acquiring the '' domain - which when accessed goes directly to the official Sydney FC website.

After being tagged in the post, the harbour city side rejected claims they had purchased the domain as 'defamatory' - pointing out that the re-direct could have been done by anyone.

"Anyone can register a domain name and re-direct it to another website it. This wasn't us so your accusation is incorrect and defamatory," Sydney FC commented.

Hard-hitting, investigative "journalism" from Goal shows three other Wanderers-themed domain names also pointing to the Sky Blue's website - '', '' and'.

Incidentally, two other domains, '' and '' remain available for purchase.

Spare a thought for any technologically-challenged Wanderers fans who have innocently stumbled across the website of their derby rival in pursuit of red and black news.

And also think about the hip-pocket of a Sydney FC supporting individual who is forking out hard-earned money simply to inconvenience rival supporters.