Swedish Luxury Home Lift Manufacturer, Cibes Enters the Indian Market

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Gurugram, Haryana, India – Business Wire India An idea about a home lift in 1947 laid the foundation of the Cibes Lift Group. Today, Cibes is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing manufacturers of low-speed lifts. Over 60,000 units have already been successfully installed for different clients across the globe. Cibes Lifts are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are distributed worldwide.

The Prime Focus of Cibes Lift India The Swedish home elevator manufacturer is located at Ambience Mall in Gurugram & with its offices in Mumbai & Bengaluru. Cibes is in talks to open more showrooms across India.

Cibes Lift had initiated a direct sales model in Asia, back in 2012, for addressing the requirements and demands of clients in the region. It has more than 20 direct subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and America. The Asian market alone makes up to 20% of the group sales globally and the market is growing rapidly.

The Cibes Product Benefits - • No Pit, No Shaft Needed.

• Full Customization With Luxurious Interiors • European Safety Standards.

• No Machine Room • Patented Screw & Nut Drive system • Glass On All Sides For A 360 Degree Panoramic View • Free Standing, Easy To Fit Everywhere • Indoor or Outdoor, All-Weather Application • Fast Installation Without Major Structural Alterations • ‘A’ rated Energy Consumption. Single or Three Phase Connection. • Top Quality Made In Sweden, Factory-Direct The product development, manufacturing, and testing take place in the factory in Gävle, Sweden, to secure quality at all levels. Cibes Lift includes smart packaging solutions to facilitate logistics and installation. According to India’s zonal manager Kevin, who talks about a future expansion possibility, this technology can be the next big thing.

“Indian customers are sophisticated, demanding, and have the knowledge of what quality stands for – more so than anywhere else in the world – and that makes Cibes a perfect fit because of the level of quality, design, and service that we provide. We are fully-focused on the Indian market and expect to expand aggressively over the next few years,” said Kevin Der Arslanian, Country Manager, Cibes India.

Being said that, India’s economy is ready for a brisk change. Consumer spending in India is growing at 12% a year. India's robust economic growth and rising household incomes are expected to increase consumer spending to US $4 trillion by 2025.

Cibes Lift promises to deliver, “From Our Swedish Factory to Your Doorstep”.

So, are you ready for a luxurious change in your building? Visit Cibes Lift India for more information.

About Cibes Lift Cibes international expansion takes place under the motto - “Access for Everyone Everywhere”.

From 2013 to 2015, direct subsidiaries were started up in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Norway, China, Spain, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and France. All countries with considerable market potential.

Cibes Lift develops and manufactures and sells a wide range of vertical platform lifts and cabin lifts for public and private residential homes.

The Cibes Lift Group, headquarter in Gävle Sweden, has roots that go back to 1947. A civil engineer named Bertil Svedberg (Civil engineer Bertil Svedberg = Cibes) started manufacturing freight lifts. Production numbers were small, about 30 a year, so during the 1960s focus was instead turned on simple lifts for home modifications for people with disabilities.

Developments intensified in the 70s when Cibes also started the production of screw-driven lifts. This screw drive technology, without hydraulics, has since become one of Cibes most important features and a significant factor for its success. Screw-driven low-speed lifts can be customized and installed without any major renovations. They are easy to use, reliable, and long-lasting.