Swara On Losing Out On Work Because of Her Strong Political Views

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There has been a lot of chatter on social media about Swara Bhasker’s new web series Rasbhari, which released on Amazon Prime Video some time back. While the actor was trolled a lot for the characters she played in the show, she was also appreciated for her performance. While IMDB gave Rasbhari the lowest rating any film/show has ever received, writer Prasoon Joshi termed the content as 'irresponsible'.

The Quint caught up with Swara, who told us how people tend to get uncomfortable with anything that tries to normalise women's sexuality. She also explained how the characters Shanu and Rasbhari are actually metaphors for the hypocrisies of the society.

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"“Shanu and Rasbhari are metaphors showing the double standards of the society, the way it tries to repress female sexuality and also the only way female sexuality is acceptable to us is through a mythological story of a witch who is lustful. I feel the show is quite layered.”" - Swara Bhasker, Actor

Swara also spoke about what is irresponsible content and why Rasbhari doesn’t fall under that category. The actor revealed that she might have lost out on work because of her strong political views and her social media presence. But she added that she will not leave Twitter even though she did have such thoughts before.

“I do sometimes think about leaving Twitter but the thing with me now is I have become a representative voice for more people. It just feels like I’ll be abandoning a fight if I left, so I just stick on.”

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