‘Swadeshi’ Automatic Coach Washing Plant set up in Vadodara

Vadodara (Gujarat), Jun 19(ANI): Automatic Coach Washing Plant (ACWP) has been installed at Vadodara Railway Station on June 18. Usually it takes the manpower of 24 people who use 1200 litre water to wash one train. On the other hand, the ACW plant uses only 250 litre water do execute the same. The next good thing about the plant is that the equipments used in it are all ‘Made in India.’ This Automatic Coach Washing Plant can be called as an environment friendly and ‘Swadeshi.’ Oriental DGM, Chirag Patel said, "It can clean a train externally in 8-10 minutes. Also, it uses recycled water so both time and water will be saved". The plant will be activated soon in the upcoming days.