#SwachhToilets: Indian Railways plans to make toilets cleaner

Sagar Malik

#SwachhToilets: Indian Railways plans to make toilets cleaner

20 Oct 2018: #SwachhToilets: Indian Railways plans to make toilets cleaner

If heading to the toilet in Indian Railways trains sounds like a challenge to you, know that you're not alone.

Majority of the train toilets are stinky, and many choked.

This is because the passengers throw waste items like plastic bags, bottles, and sanitary napkins etc. even in the newly-installed bio-toilets of train coaches.

Here's how the Indian Railways plans to make toilets cleaner.

The solution: How Railways plans to deal with choked and stinky toilets

In order to deal with choked toilets in train coaches, the Indian Railways has decided to place dustbins in all lavatories by the end of this year.

This will prevent the passengers from flushing waste materials down the bio-toilets.

Notably, out of 40,283 train coaches for which such dustbins are to be installed, installation has been completed for as many as 30,000 train coaches.

Fact: The move for cleaner rail tracks

In order to ensure hygiene at railways track, the newly installed bio-toilets that are being fitted in passenger coaches of Indian Railways shall have anaerobic digestion for processing human excreta. Thereby, no human excreta would be thrown on the railways tracks from these toilets.

Fact: Railways to have 100 per-cent bio-toilets by next-year: Piyush Goyal

Earlier this year, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal announced that the Indian Railways will have 100% bio-toilets by the end of next year. This will help eliminate defecation on Railways tracks, thus helping improve hygiene.