Suvendu Adhikari's brother removed from chairperson's post by TMC; is it a revenge?

Suvendu Adhikari's brother, Soumendu Adhikari has been removed from the post of chairperson of Contai municipality. On Tuesday the state government issued an official statement stating that 'Adhikari has been replaced by Siddhartha Maity for the post of chairperson of the Contai Municipality. The statement further read:

"In the suppression of the previous order, Siddhartha Maity may act as Chairperson and Subal manna, Sk. Sabul, Sk. Habibur Rahaman, and Pampa Jana Maity as members of the board of administrators of Contai Municipality to discharge day to day activities of the municipality in terms of the Act and Rule"

It is alleged that this decision is taken by the state govt to take revenge from Suvendu Adhikari who exited TMC to join BJP.