Suvendu Adhikari hits back at Mamata Banerjee's claim over BJP, calls her 'queen of rigging'

Suvendu Adhikari has now responded to Mamata Banerjee’s charge and says that it’s ironic how the queen of rigging is accusing him of such a charge.
He said, “ Mamata Banerjee is not content with the sophisticated execution of election, the queen of rigging is saying so. Nobody can stop us.”

And this is not the first allegation by Adhikari’s side, he has accused Mamata Banerjee of rigging and he also claimed that she is using the administrative power unethically. He also accused her of using illegal immigrants.

Currently, BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari is campaigning in the Nandigram Constituency for the upcoming election in West Bengal against the current Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.