Suspicious SUV in Pathankot sends police into a tizzy

The incident took place near Makhanpur Police Station on Tuesday night, the police said.

A car was snatched by two armed men at gun point in Vijaynagar, Sambha on Monday night and the car was later found abandoned in Gurdaspur district.

Having braced the biggest ever terror attack in January 2016, Pathankot continues to be on the radar of terrorists and other anti-social elements.

The incident took place near Makhanpur Police Station on Tuesday night, the police said. The suspicious Scorpio vehicle PB 06 U 6508 was found abandoned at Makhanpur in Gurdaspur district.

Primary investigations revealed that the number plate found on the vehicle was of a Gurdaspur vehicle and had been planted as an elaborate hoax. The actual number of the vehicle is JK19-2787, which was taken away at gunpoint in Vijaynagar area of Sambha district on Monday night.


According to the police, the vehicle snatchers also fired gunshots before taking the vehicle in their possession. One of the bullets is still stuck in the vehicle's body.

"The vehicle driver has told the police that the suspects were Gujjars. The persons who were driving the vehicle on Tuesday night were between four to six. The investigation is on. The motive of vehicle snatching is still unknown," Naresh Kumar, IO, PS Narot Jaimal Singh,Pathankot said.

Police officials told India Today that the suspicious vehicle was heading towards Dinanagar, and acting on a tip-off they had barricaded the road at Balrampur area. They managed to escape by breaking the barricades in the dark.

The same vehicle was later found abandoned at Makhanpur. The forensic team of Punjab Police took the vehicle in its possession and tore away it's upholstery to get evidence.

The police officials have already recovered the actual number plate of the vehicle which is registered in the name of Sanjay Kumar of Sambha.

The Pathankot Police has alerted Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh Police as the incident took place in the neighbouring Gurdaspur district where the suspected involved in the case could be hiding.


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