Sushil Modi questions Tej Prataps' source of income, accuses him of hiding property details in election affidavit

Sushil Modi has exposed how Lalu Prasad's son Tej Pratap, at the age of 20, purchased approximately 20000 sq ft of land in Aurangabad for Rs 53 lakhs and 34 thousand

Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi continued with his series of expose against RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and his family members, the latest being Lalu's eldest son and Minister Tej Pratap Yadav's source of income and his dubious land deals.

Presenting documents in support of his allegations against Tej Pratap, Sushil Modi exposed how Lalu's son, at the age of 20, purchased approximately 20000 sq ft of land in Aurangabad for Rs 53 lakhs and 34 thousand and later mortgaged it with the bank and took a loan of Rs 2 crore and 29 lacs.

Modi alleged that Tej Pratap did not mention this property which he holds neither in the election affidavit in 2015 nor in the asset declaration before Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.



  1. From where did Tej Pratap secure Rs 53 lacs and 34 thousand to purchase 20000 sq ft of land in Aurangabad?
  2. Lalu's family opened a Hero Honda bike showroom named LARA Distributors Pvt Ltd on this land in March 2010 and his three daughters Misa Bharti, Chanda and Ragini along with wife Rabri Devi were made Directors in this Co. They are still Directors in this Co.
  3. Tej Pratap was appointed Managing Director of this Co. on April 21, 2010 and on November 9, 2015, a day after Bihar elections results were declared, he resigned from the Managing Director's post. He, however, still holds 2 lakhs and 51 thousand shares in this Co.
  4. Misa holds 1000, Chanda 2000, Ragini 1 lakh and Rabri Devi 1 lakh and 17 thousand shares in the Co.
  5. No mention of this Co. in Tej Pratap's election affidavit or in the assets declared by him before Chief Minister.
  6. No mention of Rs 2 crore and 29 lakh loan taken in election affidavit.
  7. This land was not purchased in the name of LARA Distributors Pvt Ltd but in Tej Pratap's name.
  8. Nitish Kumar should take cognizance of the matter and sack Tej Pratap from his cabinet.
  9. I will go the Election Commission to complain against Tej Pratap for not disclosing his assets in affidavit.
  10. Lalu, instead of getting his children educated during their childhood, was busy in helping them purchase several acres of land in Bihar.


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