Sushil Modi credits all parties in NDA for victory in Bihar polls

As Nitish Kumar-led NDA won majority in Bihar assembly elections, Sushil Modi thanked people of state for having trust. He credited all parties, JD(U), BJP, VIP and HAM for working together. "I thank the people of Bihar that they expressed their faith in NDA for the fourth time. It's not ordinary. In Indian politics there are very few CMs whom people trusted for the fourth time. They have given a clear mandate to NDA, there is no confusion," said Sushil Modi. "In an alliance, not all parties win equal number of seats. Who won how many seats is irrelevant, people voted for NDA. BJP played a role in JD(U)'s victory and JD(U) played a role in BJP's victory. JD(U), BJP, VIP and HAM worked together, then we registered this victory," he further added.