Sushant Singh Rajput's Close Friend Krissann Barretto Says He Disappeared After He Began Dating Rhea

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The Sushant Singh Rajput death case is getting murkier with each passing day. Recently, the late actor's father Krishna Kishore Singh filed a first information report (FIR) against his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and made some serious allegations against her. Also, Sushant's ex-girlfriend and Pavitra Rishta co-star Ankita Lokhande dismissed the depression theory as far as the actor's alleged suicide was concerned. Now, Sushant's close friend and actress Krissann Barretto has made a few shocking revelations! In an interview with Spotboye, Krissann Barretto revealed that Sushant disappeared from the friend circle after he started dating Rhea Chakraborty. She also said that whatever Ankita Lokhande has told Republic TV in her recent interview about Sushant Singh Rajput is all true.

Krissann, Sushant & A Gang Of Friends Used To Hang Out Together

Krissann Barretto revealed that Sushant and her were very good friends between September 2018 and April 2019. They even had a group and used to hang out together often. When asked who were part of the group, the actress didn't reveal the names, as they don't want to talk about the matter. She feels that if they wanted to, they would have spoken about him by now.

Other Friends Might Be Scared If They Tell Truth They’ll Be Boycotted From Industry

When asked about the reason why their common friends didn't want to talk about Sushant, she made shocking statement. She said, "Maybe they are scared of getting attacked or killed like him. Secondly, there are people who feel they will be boycotted from the industry and may not get work from the movie mafias. But they all want the truth to come out and I am like how the truth will come out when people like us who knew him so closely will not speak about it. But I am not scared of anybody. I want the truth to come out even if they get upset and don't give me work in future."

Sushant Disappeared After Dating Rhea

Krissann said that she met Sushant last time on April 5, 2019. She Sushant, his sister and his brother-in-law were all chilling at his Pali Hill residence where he used to reside before this. She further said, "But then suddenly he cut off from all of us, his number changed and his address changed. And it all happened after he started dating this girl Rhea. We were under the impression that he is very much happy with her and that's why he doesn't want to be in touch with us."

‘I Used To Always Feel That There Is Something Weird’

When asked if she didn't try to meet or get in touch with him, she said, "In March, this year also knowing that he didn't want to keep a touch, I messaged him on his Instagram. Because from within I used to always feel that there is something weird. For almost a year no one heard from him or had a check on him and why is it like that? In fact, to one of our common friends, I also said let's just go to his house and he told me that he has changed his place and I don't know where he stays now."

The Ace of Space contestant further told the portal, "I don't want to blame Rhea or anyone for that but it's a fact that he disappeared from everyone's life. He was not in touch with a single person from our circle. When he changed his number and shifted to another flat the first thought which came to our mind was maybe he doesn't want to be contacted. If he was actually going through something, I wish I would have known about it. We would have made sure we would not let him alone."

‘Whatever Ankita Lokhande Said In Her Latest Interview Was All True’

When asked if she feels he was in depression and that's why he ended his life, she said, "I can never agree to this. Someone who was a genius with such a brilliant mind and someone who trained to be an astronaut. He never cared about material things. I also remember saying him that 'people think I am weird because the only property I own is on the Moon. Rest all on this earth is rented.' So imagine a person with this kind of vision can even think of doing suicide? No, he cannot. Whatever Ankita Lokhande said in her latest interview was all true."

"Ankita said he was like a child who used to get happy seeing chocolates and gulab jamun that is so true. When he used to wake up in the morning, the first thing he used to do is eat chocolate. He was an absolute child. And I was so happy seeing her talking about all this because finally somebody actually disclosed what kind of person he was. He didn't have many people around him because I remember, when I met him for the first time, he had said, 'I don't have many friends because I don't understand people'," said Krissann.

Krissann Wants CBI Inquiry & Justice For Sushant

Like many other celebrities and fans, Krissann too wants CBI inquiry to happen and truth to prevail. The actress wants Sushant to get justice as she doesn't want people to think that he committed suicide when he was a warrior in real life.

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