Susanna Reid narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction on 'Good Morning Britain'

Julia Hunt
Susanna Reid arriving at the Sun Military Awards, at the Guildhall, London.

Susanna Reid narrowly escaped an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when she realised her dress was a bit see-through just before going on Good Morning Britain.

The presenter, 48, was getting ready to host the ITV show alongside Ben Shephard when she noticed that her ruffled red dress was a little too revealing.

Rather than risk it on TV, she decided to dash off for a last minute change.

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Luckily, Reid managed to rustle up a blue and white dress that protected her modesty, and she made it back to the GMB studio in the nick of time.

However, her speedy swap did not go unnoticed and Shephard could not resist a light-hearted joke,

Sharing side by side images of Reid in both outfits, he tweeted: “Now that’s what you call a quick change!!

“Two mins between these pics – no messing around with @susannareid100.”

Reid responded: “Just before 6am I thought the red dress was a little transparent.”

She added an emoji of a lady clapping her hand over her face in an embarrassed manner.

Reid wouldn’t have been the first person to suffer a fashion mishap on Good Morning Britain.

Just this week presenter Charlotte Hawkins had to apologise after accidentally flashing her bra on the ITV show.

Hawkins was on the programme alongside presenter Piers Morgan, who read out a message from a viewer who said that Hawkins’ bra strap was visible.

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“I do apologise,” she said, as Morgan teased her about it being “a family show”.

“It's an open backed dress and what I didn't realise is that we do these round the studio shots.

"So, I do apologise if I've offended you by flashing my underwear at inappropriate moments.”