‘Surrogacy Ka Kya Natak Hai?’ Abu Azmi Asks Karan Johar

Why can’t he get married, Azmi asks.

Talk about never missing an opportunity to hog the limelight. Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi has spoken again and this time on Karan Johar’s twins, who were born out of surrogacy.

When asked about Johar’s babies - though why anyone should ask him about it is beyond us - Azmi responded by wondering why Johar could not marry to have kids.

Abu Azmi, SP leaderItne bade ho gaye, shaadi nahi kar sakte?

And he harps on the fact that if Johar has any “beemari” that prevents him from fathering children through marriage, he should come out with it.

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Dear Mr Azmi, the “beemari” is in your mind. Period.