Surender Mohan Pathak Warns of Suing 'Mirzapur 2' Makers

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Veteran Hindi writer Surender Mohan Pathak has warned that he will take action against the makers of Mirzapur 2 for allegedly depicting his novel Dhabba as an 'erotica', as per a report by mid-day.

Referring to a voiceover describing an erotic scene, Pathak has claimed that the content suggested in the voiceover bears no resemblance to the original text. The author has described it as a violation of the Copyright Act and has written to the production house Excel Entertainment, requesting to remove the said scene.

""I have written to Excel Entertainment and am waiting for their response. If I don't hear from them within a week, I will file a case in the Delhi High Court against the makers of Mirzapur 2"." - Surender Mohan Pathak

Pathak also told mid-day that the Mirzapur makers were tarnishing his image as an established writer. "The makers have added their own filthy lines and passed it off as the content of my novel Dhabba, which was published 10 years back. They have used cheap porn to titillate the viewers and tarnish my image in the process. In the scene, a character named Baldev is mentioned. However, there's no one by the name of Baldev in my book. Readers who haven't read my book could form a notion that I am resorting to pornography to gain publicity".

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Pathak added that he has never depicted violence in his books. "In the last six decades I have written 270 mystery novels and thrillers but I have never depicted violence and sex in graphic detail in my works", the author said.

Mid-day reached out to Excel Entertainment but they were unavailable to comment.

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