Surat Shop Launches Special Sweet Called 'Gold Ghari' at Rs 9,000 Per Kg

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As Gujarat is prepping to celebrate Chandi Padvo on November 1, a sweet shop in Surat has added a new range of Ghari- a local sweet to the list. A shop in Bhagal launched a 'Gold Ghari’ to its menu which costs Rs 9,000 per kg while the normal Ghari costs at Rs. 660-820 per kg. The owner of the shop Rohan informed the same to ANI adding that the sweet is healthy as gold is considered to be a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. He is also quoted as saying, “It has been three days since its launch. Demand is a little below expectation as the market is sluggish. We hope it will get good response in the coming days".

ANI has also shared the same on microblogging site which reads, “Gujarat: Ahead of Chandi Padvo, a festival falling a day after Sharad Poornima, a sweet shop in Surat has launched 'Gold Ghari' -a different version of Ghari, a sweet dish from Surat. The shop owner says, "It is available at Rs 9000/kg. Normal Ghari is available at Rs 660-820 per kg".

What is Ghari?

Ghari is a Surti sweet dish made up of chana dal, ghee and dry fruits like almonds and pistachios. It is served with a mixture of sev, ganthiya, fried poha, boondi and papdi called bhusu. The tradition of Surat consuming Ghari and bhushu on the last full moon day in the Hindu calendar is around three century old.

Surtis are known for consuming 100 tons of Ghari on Chandi Padvo. A report published by Times Of India suggests that Surat District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited has already sold 80 tonnes of Ghari till now and is prepping up for another 20 tonnes. The SUMUL had sold 80 tonnes of Ghari last year.

What is Chandi Padvo?

Chandani Padva or Chandi Padvo is a local festival in Surat when residents there enjoy a popular local variety of sweet Ghari and a namkeen called Bhushu. The day falls on a day after Sharad Purnima.