Supreme Court Says Farmers' Have Right to Protest, Proposes Constituting a Committee to Resolve Deadlock Between Farmers' Union and Centre

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New Delhi, December 17: The Supreme Court on Thursday while hearing pleas challenging the constitutional validity of the new farm laws passed by the parliament in September said that it will first decide on the ongoing farmers' protest in New Delhi and the fundamental right of the citizens to move. The bench headed by CJI SA Bobde added that it won't decide the validity of the laws a of now. "The first and the only thing we will decide today is regarding the farmers' protest and the fundamental right of citizens to move. The question of the validity of laws can wait," said the apex court. Farmers' Protest: Supreme Court Grants Permission to Implead Farmer Organisations, Next Hearing Tomorrow.

The Supreme Court observed that a protest is constitutional as long as it does not destroy property or endanger any life. Adding that the farmers have right to protest. The apex court said that it won't interfere in the ongoing protest, but said "the manner of protest is something we will look into." The bench added, "we will ask Centre what is the manner of protest going on, to slightly alter it so that it doesn't affect the citizens' right of movement ." Farmers' Protest: SC Likely to Hear Petition Seeking Removal of Protesting Farmers Against Centre's Farm Laws From Delhi Borders.

However, it said that protest alone can't clear the deadlock and arrive to conclusion on its own, negotiations should be made to resole the issue. "You carry on protest and agree that it is the purpose. Purpose can be fulfilled by talking. Just sitting in protest won't help," said the apex court. The court is planning to constitute an impartial and independent committee "before whom both parties can give its side of story."Also Read | Farmers' Protest: Farmer From Punjab Dies Due to Cardiac Arrest During the Ongoing Protests in Delhi

The court added that the conclusions and findings of the said committee should be accepted and followed by both the farmers' union as well as the central government. It proposed journalist P Sainath and BKU to be apart of the committee too.

Over hundreds of farmers have been protesting against the new farm laws that were passed by the central government in September this year. They have term the new laws as 'anti-farmer'. There are have fie rounds on inconclusive talks between the centre and farmers' union so far. The farmers have already rejected government proposal and are demanding complete roll back on the laws.

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