Supreme Court order on liquor vends hits bouncers

The Supreme Court refused to modify the ban it placed on hotels and restaurants from serving liquor along the highways.

Besides the hotel, restaurant, pub and bar staff, the community which has been hit hard by the apex court orders on liquor vends are the bouncers.

Hundreds of male and female bouncers employed by various hotels, pubs and bars have been rendered jobless after these units had to stop serving liquor to their customers.

Bouncers, including females employed as security staff by the hotels together with other employees, entrepreneurs and managers protested against the apex court orders in Chandigarh on Monday and demanded restoration of the units located within municipal limits.

'I work as a bouncer. My husband is unemployed and I am the only member to support two children besides other family members. There will be no food to cook after two days if I did not get another job,' says Sukhbir Kaur who was employed as a bouncer by a club offering liquor to its members.

Rupali, another female bouncer who hails from Phagwara area of Punjab has been working as bouncer for the last 15 years. The sudden closure of the club has left her worried as she has no other experience other than controlling the crowd or drunk people.

'Who said that road accidents are only caused by the intoxication of liquor. The government should control heroin and other hard drugs. I have nothing to do as these orders have shattered our careers. I don't know what to do now,' Rupali said.

The bouncers are not employed full time. They just get part time jobs four days a week between Friday to Sunday.

There are over 50 female bouncers in Chandigarh besides their male counterparts who lost their jobs and hope that the court will come to their rescue and their lives will be back on track.

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