Supporters of Trump storm U.S. Capitol, killing one woman and shooting tear gas

Hundreds of his supporters stormed the U.S. when President Trump addressed a sprawling audience outside the White House that they could never acknowledge defeat, Capitol in what amounted to an attempted coup, hoping that the election he lost would be reversed. In the confusion, one woman was shot and killed by the Capitol Police, law enforcement officials said.

A crowd that would gradually expand into the thousands, with poles bearing blue Trump flags, bashed through Capitol doors and windows, pushing their way past police officers unprepared for the attack. Lawmakers were evacuated to the House chamber's entrance shortly before an armed standoff.

Hours earlier, the crowd had arrived, charging past the metal barricades on the outer edge of the house. Hundreds followed them, then thousands. Some scaled the walls of the Capitol to enter the entrances; others leapt over each other.