Supporters chant ‘Super Trump’ at election rally

Lalit K Jha
·3-min read

Washington, Oct 26 (PTI) President Donald Trump’s supporters have started calling him “Super Trump” as he has fully recovered from the coronavirus and started addressing multiple election rallies a day.

At an election rally in the battleground state of New Hampshire, which was attended by thousands of people, Trump said that he felt like superman upon being given an antibody treatment when he had COVID-19.

“I took something called Regeneron. Then following morning I felt so good. I felt like superman. I wanted to get back (to work). I did not want to cancel anything,” Trump told his cheering supporters in the Londonderry city of New Hampshire.

Soon, his supporters started chanting “Super Trump, Super Trump,” to which the president acknowledged with a smile and said “Thank You”.

Trump, 74, after resuming his normal life and hectic election campaigning following his recovery from coronavirus, appears to be more energetic.

Most of his speeches are more than an hour long and some have lasted for over 100 minutes. On Saturday, he addressed as many as four election rallies, from morning to late night and on Sunday, he addressed two including the one in New Hampshire.

On Monday, Trump is scheduled to address election rallies in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania. In all these rallies, Trump makes it a point to tell his supporters that he got infected with the COVID-19 virus because he decided to work and not to hide in a basement or lock himself in a White House bedroom.

At the same time, he alleges that his Democratic challenger Joe Biden preferred to spend most of his time in a basement hiding from coronavirus.

Trump jokes that Biden’s election meetings are attracting a few people and describes the former vice president as a “low energy” individual or “Sleepy Joe.” “I don’t know what’s wrong with him (Biden). He never goes anywhere…,” Trump said, referring to the drive-way really of the Democratic presidential candidate in Delaware.

Trump said that the media cameramen “made the mistake” of showing the very people who were there.

“Then, he (Biden) got very agitated. Because our people were there and they were screaming… he can’t think through well. He was having a hard time,” he said amidst huge applause from his supporters.

“He got angry. And (former president Barack) Obama got angry too because he went out to some place and it was all our people,” said the president.

During his speech, Trump mocked Biden multiple times, calling him a lid, bashing the press for not turning cameras around to show the crowd, while maintaining that the country is “rounding the turn” on the pandemic.

The president regaled the crowd with a long story about negotiations for an upgraded Air Force One. He said his biggest concern about the coming election is the “fake ballots”.

There were boos at the mention of “Barack Hussein Obama, Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren. And the boos became much louder for Kamala Harris, the Indian-origin California senator who is the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate.

In the middle of his speech, the president played videos highlighting Biden’s past comments on raising taxes and social security, as well as one mocking some of his gaffes.

Polls shows that Trump is behind Biden in double digit.

“This is not the crowd that comes in second,” Trump said, referring to the unusually large crowd that had come to listen to him in Londonderry.

“It’s like a poll, except much more accurate,” he said as his fans chanted “Four more years.” PTI LKJ CPS AKJ CPS