Supported PM like Hanuman, hope Ram will not watch in silence: Chirag Paswan on LJP tussle

Delhi, June 26 (ANI): LJP leader Chirag Paswan sought support from PM Narendra Modi amid the tussle among his party leaders. He said, “Like Hanuman, I supported the Prime Minister in every difficult situation, today when efforts are being made to kill Hanuman politically, I believe that in such a situation, Ram will not watch in silence”.Paswan added that he supported BJP over CAA and NRC but CM Nitish Kumar disagreed on the same. “Now BJP will decide whether they will support me or Bihar CM”, added Paswan. The crisis in LJP began after five Lok Sabha members of LJP rebelled and choose Pashupati Paras as their new leader, but Chirag Paswan opposed this and vowed to take control of the party.

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