Superwoman Slams Indian Consulate, Tweets Sushma Swaraj for Help

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, disappointed by the Indian Consulate in Canada, seeks Sushma Swaraj’s help. 

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman lashed out at the Indian Consulate in Canada for being “unprofessional”. Lilly Singh travels to India every year for her shows, but only gets a single entry visa for a certain number of months, which makes her life miserable as she has to procure a visa before every visit.

In her recent visit to the Consulate, she applied for a year-long visa. After submitting the necessary documents and obliging to the representatives’ demands for photo opportunity, she received a three-month single entry visa.

Frustrated, she tweeted to the Prime Minister and Sushma Swaraj. Swaraj replied, asking her to seek help from Vikas Swarup, the Indian High Commissioner in Canada.

Here’s How The Ordeal Went

We love Superwoman, hope she gets to come to India as often as she wishes.

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