Supercars team adds Renaults to TCR Australia roster

Andrew van Leeuwen

, currently the only driver officially signed up for the series.

has now confirmed that it will also field a pair of Renaults as well, with two chassis headed to Melbourne from Team Vukovic Motorsport in Switzerland.

“We had a look at what vehicles were available and see what would suit us. We purchased two Alfas and we’ve now purchased two Renault Meganes as well,” said team owner Garry Rogers.

“We see this category as the growth phase of motorsport in Australia. We love our V8s, we love what we do, but there’s certainly room for this category in the motorsport landscape.

“There’s no doubt that these TCR Series cars suit the modern audience and the demographic.

“For us, the Renault Megane is a great vehicle of choice. It’s a trendy car, and the results that we’ve seen so far in testing is that it is fast and it is very competitive.

“Now, we need to make sure that we have the right drivers and the right people preparing them to get the best results."

Renaul Megane

Renaul Megane TCR media

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