SuperBot is a chatbot designed to help educational institutes meet their online counselling needs

tech2 News Staff

Gurugram-based startup PinnacleWorks has released a chatbot named SuperBot which is targetted specifically at the educational institutes vertical.

SuperBot is powered by Google's natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms and is built on top of the >Google Cloud Platform. The idea behind this >chatbot is to take care of the online counselling needs of educational institutions, who may not be able to allot human resources to answering online queries.

PinnacleWorks has worked in the education sector for five years with various educational organisations across the country. The idea for SuperBot was formed to ensure online visitors to the websites of educational institutes have a good experience and have their queries answered.

PinnacleWorks has partnered with BBD University in Lucknow to deploy SuperBot. It is in talks with other educations institutes as well. For now, the SuperBot can communicate in English and Hinglish, but there are plans to add more language support on this chatbot.

The use of chatbots in industries such as banking, insurance, e-commerce is well documented, but there is no dedicated chatbot ecosystem for educational institutes. This is the gap that PinnacleWorks is trying to fulfil with the SuperBot.

SuperBot works like any chatbot, being available 24x7, answering multiple user queries in real time and it has also been trained with lots of counselling data and queries. SuperBot can also schedule campus visits for interested candidates.

One of the co-founders Ankit Ruia said, "Since SuperBot is India's first chatbot that has been designed specifically for educational institutes, therefore going forward we plan to introduce other regional languages also for making it suitable to be used by all the institutes throughout the country. At present, it can be integrated with websites, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant while Twitter, Skype and IVR are under development and will be rolled out soon." View More