‘Is it sunpot? No it’s ISS’: This NASA photo of the sun is wowing people across the world

Photo of the International Space Station passing in front of the Sun got everyone talking online.

A stunning photo shared by US space agency NASA is going viral. The photo shows the sun and the International Space Station (ISS) captured passing in front of the star, and has people across the world praising it.

The incredible photo taken by photographer Rainee Colacurcio on July 15, was featured as NASA s astronomy photo of the day.

That’s no sunspot. It’s the International Space Station (ISS) caught passing in front of the Sun," NASA wrote talking about the Space Station, which appears to be a black spot on the sun’s surface.

"Sunspots, inpidually, have a dark central umbra, a lighter surrounding penumbra, and no solar panels. By contrast, the ISS is a complex and multi-spired mechanism, one of the largest and most sophisticated machines ever created by humanity," the agency explained.

Explaining how the photo was taken, the space agency said, "The featured picture combines two images — one capturing the space station transiting the Sun — and another taken consecutively capturing details of the Sun’s surface."

NASA also said that the ISS, which orbits the Earth about every 90 minutes, "transiting the Sun is not very unusual."

The photo caught the eye of many online and here’s how people reacted to it:

In 2017, when the ISS appeared against the sun during a solar eclipse. Observers in Banner (Wyoming) saw the ISS pass in front of the sun and managed to capture a silhouette of the space station.