Sunny Wadhwani Takes Hold of the World of Cyber Security With His Advanced Approaches

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The COVID-19 pandemic has ramped up remote workforces, making inroads for a lot of cyber attacks. Latest trends and reports reveal the hazardous effects of the pandemic and increasing cyber security threats among businesses like mobile and IoT devices, making them vulnerable to data loss. With Cybersecurity issues becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses, companies must make cyber awareness, prevention and security best practices a part of their culture.

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Many cyber-security tools and services are available to fight against cyber threats. But the companies are still lagging when it comes to their optimum use and knowledge about the domain. Catering to the same, Mr Sunny Wadhwani, a cybersecurity expert from Indore, India, is leading the charge towards educating people about these risks involved with browsing the internet.

His extensive knowledge and vast experiences have helped various companies and startups protect them against innumerable security threats, making them more efficient. His awareness campaigns and drives on cyber-security have informed thousands of users about the ongoing need to adapt cybersecurity as a part of their work culture.

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The youngest world record holder

Sunny has been a computer enthusiast since childhood. The techno-geek has gained numerous awards and recognition for his impeccable work. This determination, hard work, and perseverance have brought him the success he is enjoying today of being the 'World's Fastest Roman Alphabet Typing on Keyboard'.

Speaking about his achievement, Sunny says, "The Golden Book of World Records stated the record was 1.967 seconds while my scores were around 4-5 seconds. After a couple of days, I thought I could do it and started practising more on my typing speed, which has given the result today."

A saviour in the fast-growing era of digitalisation

Honing multiple awards in the digital marketing realm, Sunny Wadhwani, besides being a cybersecurity expert, is also passionate about the digital marketing world. He started his own company, Wadhwani Enterprises, with an investment of less than $1000 and has successfully served more than hundreds of clients to date. Wadhwani Enterprises has recovered the official social media channels of 100+ local businesses; provided low-cost cyber consultancy to enhance their technical infrastructure security further, reducing cyber attacks by over 93% within four months.

Enlightening youth for a protected future

While Sunny was an average student academically, he never let anything stop him from reaching the pinnacles of success. He believes that hard work is of paramount importance and has built his intellectual empire, starting from scratch. He has proven, time and time again, that nothing beats persistence and effort when you want to climb the stairs of success.

In a word of advice, he is enlightening youth to equip themselves with the latest technological trends and techniques to survive in this ever-competitive digital world, and the time to change the culture toward improved cybersecurity is now.

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