Sunil Pal Begs Sunil Grover to Forgive Kapil Sharma & Save Comedy

Sunil Pal gives Sunil Grover some career advice.

Stand-up comic Sunil Pal took to social media to plead with Sunil Grover to return to The Kapil Sharma Show, for the sake of his fellow comedians. Pal is literally seen begging the actor to return to what is today, the biggest platform for comedy in India, according to Pal. While Kapil Sharma apologised for his behaviour with Sunil Grover, he hasn’t publicly asked him to come back on the show.

Sunil Grover too, seems adamant about finding his own way after splitting up with Kapil Sharma. But Pal points out that if the two forces work independently, they might not be able to do justice to the standard that comedy has finally established for itself in India.

Sunil Pal, ComedianYou are a big artist and people appreciate your talent but don’t forget an artist gets to deliver his talent only when he gets a big platform. Both, you and Kapil have made the show a success and you two are the wheel of the show. And I am afraid that both of you will not be able to achieve anything separately.

Pal also warns Sunil Grover that without Kapil Sharma’s platform his career might end up in the dumps. Sunil Grover, are you listening? Wouldn’t this have made more sense coming from Kapil Sharma?

Sunil PalLast time too when you tried to walk alone we saw some low-grade artists performing beside you and you became a victim of dirty politics. At the end, you had to shut down the show. 

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