Sun Microsystems co-founder files a petition to Supreme Court after 4-year battle over California beach: Report

tech2 News Staff
Vinod Khosla is asking the court to help him keep surfers off his beachfront.

In what is a 4-year old court battle, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Vinod Khosla has now asked the Supreme Court for help in keeping surfers off his beach.

Khosla has filed a petition to the Supreme Court on Thursday after what appears to be an unending battle in an attempt convince the state judiciary to keep members of the public off his beachfront property.

According to Bloomberg the co-founder of Sun Microsystems purchased the beachfront property in 2008 and put up a gate to close the beach soon after the purchase.

As per the 151-page petition, Khosla asks the highest court of the land to allow him to exercise his property rights. The property rights are against a 1972 California Law that allows citizens of the state to access California's coastline that stretches the entire length of the state.

As per the source, Khosla who is 63 years old, believes that he holds the rights to cut off public access to the road that leads to waterfront at Martins Beach, which according to him came as a part of the property he paid $32.5 million for about ten years ago.

The co-founder shut down access to the beach via the gate in late 2009, after which the lawsuits followed. According to him, the state would need to compensate him for "easement" if it wants to allow beachgoers to access the road which leads to the beach.

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